Sunday, September 18, 2011


Chudidhar tops front view

Neck Design

close view in center of tops

close view of full neck design

close view of neck design

close view in center of tops without flash on camera

    The Centre part of the embroidery is fly stitch end with bead .Each outline of the design is covered by chain stitch and atlast outline of the part is pistil stitch end with dull shade chamki.

The embroidery work done in a thasar material. This design is a mango design , its my own pattern design not copied from any book .This design is first drawn by best friend Sophia Joycy in my college days,and i ask this design from her to give me when she separated from me in last day to leave from college . In this work I used french knots with chamki , chain stitch , fly stitch , pistil stitch. in between each mango design I used very small mirror which was shown in the last image as it is above my description.


RajiSaj said...

nice work Saran, keep going...

saran said...

Thank you Raji..

Iresha Dias said...

woow this is so nice work. :) thank you for visiting my blog.

saran said...

Thanks Iresha Dias...

admin said...

nice and neat


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