Monday, November 26, 2012



                  Many of my friends visiting my blog day-to-day with lot of interest in embroidery , Some of them told me they are very much interest to learn it . Even though I didn't post the step by step procedures of my embroidery they said we will try to do it like me.
              So now I decide to post some the procedures of Hand Embroidery for my friends wish. Watch it my blog soon the basic hand embroidery stitch with step-by-step pictures yet to come in post!!!

             I love to do embroidery. Education doesn't a matter, but learning these kind of art is a tougher than education and doing these kind of art work makes us happy !!!
               One of the person form UNITED STATES , ANDHRA PRADESH visting  my blog daily ..I dont know whom is that , lot of thanks to the person visiting daily , If the person comment in blog I can notify whom is it .After reading this the person will comment below this post I think so!!...

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Madhu Yelchala said...

HI Madam,

Please post some step by step pictures how to do aari work and different stitches in it.

Eager to learn it after visiting your blog.



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